“Thank you Julie for leaving a lasting impression with me. I have learned much from you. You are a rare find of a woman. Integrity is defined through you & your guiding ways… my faith in honorable selfless acts has been restored through people like you that encourage me, through example, of how to walk in the Light & Dark.” ~ Heidi M., Delray Beach, Florida

“Julie is for everyone looking to evolve & grow on their journey. I can’t say enough what a valuable coach Julie has been & how incredible an impact she’s had on my life in a short time working together. I’ve already seen profound improvements & significant shifts in all areas of my life, including some of my most challenging relationships. Having someone on my team who has my back in the truest fashion, reflects the most honest & motivating messages, & helps me recognize my own blind spots is beyond invaluable and feels like having intimate conversations with God.” ~ Donna S., Sarasota, Florida.

“My experience with Julie has been wonderful. She is so passionate about her role as a life coach and it can be felt in every interaction with her. Her energy, enthusiasm and love of helping her clients is unmatched. Julie truly wants each of her clients to live their best life, free from the constraints of their past struggles. Julie puts so much time preparing for each call and truly getting to the core of the problem so that we can work through it, to put it in our past so that we may move forward in abundance. Julie is my biggest cheerleader as I know she is with all of her clients. I feel so supported and loved, yet also challenged. This creates a wonderful combination in a life coach that is truly a blessing. I am so grateful to know and work with Julie.” ~ Tess J., Dana Point, California.

“I highly recommend that you call Julie for coaching. She helped me identify some business roadblocks so I could Level UP… She’ll help you unravel your greatness!” ~ Morris N., Germantown, Tennessee

“I’m so grateful for everything Julie does. She is truly an angel. Saving lives, one word at a time. Being used by God to uplift the ones who suffer most. Thank you Julie… You make it easier to breathe, and easier to stand up.” ~ Danielle M., Boca Raton, FL

“I can’t explain how much Julie has helped me with my perceptions. I will forever be grateful for her awesome, wise feedback and Life Coaching.” ~ Gloria G., New York

“Julie keeps me on my feet when I feel like giving up.” ~ Gary L., Cleveland, Ohio

“This is my Life Coach Ya’ll. She’s a Beast at what she does. Not only is she totally loving and caring, but she truly has a heart to help others.” ~ Chris B., Boca Raton, Florida

“Julie is an amazing woman & a wonderful inspiration in my life. She has taught me so much about so many things; she lifts me up, gives me strength & positive direction. I am so thankful for all she does and is. I am forever grateful.” ~  Lori M., Indiana

“The years of study have perfected insight & understanding that shows in Julie’s work, coaching & writings. I thank God for her wisdom, that He’s shared with her.” ~ Alicia D., New Baltimore, Michigan

“I recommend Julie’s services enthusiastically. Julie is passionate, tenacious & helped me move forward in all areas of my life. She gets to the root of the problem, offers different ways of viewing the situation & gives strategies to accomplish the intended goal. She asks probing questions, stays empathetic & compassionate.. & goes the extra mile to help her client’s succeed.. Most importantly, Julie gives you the truth.. Her calm & easygoing nature makes her very easy to open up to. Julie is present, willing to help you, & as she will readily say, “It is your choice, but make a decision”.  I fully support the work that Julie does, the way she changes lives & gets her clients to their next level.” ~ Kathy R., Calabasas, California

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