SAG Actress, TV Host, Spokesperson

To grasp the full significance of Life is the actors duty, to interpret it is his problem, and to express it his dedication.

~  Marlon Brando

I started modeling by serendipitous accident when I was fifteen. It wasn’t a conscious choice, as much as it was presented to me and I said Yes. After that, I moved to Fort Lauderdale to attend the Art Institute, and received my first audition with my first agency there- which was an Industrial Commercial, with dialogue and improv. I booked it. And that started decades of hard work and blessings in the industry that became my passion, and a beautiful way to express myself and my humanity.

Since then, I have worked on six TV Series, seven Films, well over 250 National Commercials. I’ve had the pleasure of extensive experience with large groups of people, sales, public speaking & appearances, and travel enjoying all of that. I’ve represented several large companies with yearly contracts- both nationally & internationally. I was humbled to have the opportunity to sign 10,000 posters per daily appearance for over 3 years, all over the U.S. and Canada, and used that gift as a challenge to touch people in some profound way in under a minute. That meant really being present with people, seeing them, and letting them know they had been seen and appreciated. It grew me in ways I may never be able to put into words. And it birthed my life’s mission, long before I even knew what it was. It was so much more than acting or modeling. It was to make people Smile.

Because of that Heart Focus- I’ve consistently created large sales & contracts, and many that exceeded sales staff, even back when I was hired as Spokes Model. I’ve received special honors for those sales; yet no honor has been greater than the Blessing of Encouraging & Lifting Others, and doing my best to live in a way that leaves every room and person somehow better than I found them.

I continue to put my whole heart and mission into my acting, modeling, public speaking- as I do with my Life Coaching, Corporate Consulting- and any other service, giving or volunteer work. I see it ALL as a call to Compassion and Empathy, which is the greatest spiritual practice… ¬†that of truly putting ourselves in another’s shoes, understanding their “story”, and committing to their Smile.

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