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Decades of study in psychology, relationships, ministry, health & fitness, and overcoming many very challenging and life threatening experiences have proven to me over & over- that we are incredibly powerful beings. We have the power to create anything we desire, and in the most abundant measures. We can also hold ourselves back, limit our own happiness & success, or mess up our lives in huge ways. As someone who has overcome cancer battles, serious car accidents, financial struggles, being a people pleaser, looking for love & validation in all the wrong places, giving my power away endlessly, and being afraid to use my own voice- to a woman who walks fully in joy & strength, lives from abundance, speaks authentically, & uses all my gifts to serve others in several different industries…  I’m proof that if you truly want Joy, Peace, Love, Financial Freedom, Purpose, and all else you desire- it can be yours, it is there for you…  it’s just waiting on you to do the deep inner work that SHIFTS everything.

Most people are looking for a quick fix, something outside of themselves, or for someone else to do their work or fix things for them. Blaming life or others is easy, but that gives away your power, and delays your dreams and results. All you want is wanting you; and waiting on you to choose it, to know you deserve it, and to commit to it now and hard.

As a Life Coach, I support you in doing your deep inner soul and subconscious work, along with your purposeful action and outer work to step into your best life, your most fulfilling relationships, your greatest abundance, your most beautiful/healthy body and your most powerful self. It’s an excavation work of the soul to uncover, remove, heal, grow and overcome – all blockages, emotional scars, traumas, wounds, limiting beliefs & faulty perceptions. Together, we get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you, and replace all that with everything that does serve and support you. It’s giving you back the tools, power and purpose that was divinely placed in you – but somehow got lost or clouded along the way.

My focus as your coach and personal support is to get your Power ON, and your Purpose & Joy BACK as quickly as possible. No two humans or set of goals are the same. You are each divine & special- requiring different intake, care, materials, time & energy to reach your Best Life, Health & Relationships- so no program or plan is the same. For this reason, I do not quote hourly rates. I give a complementary twenty minute consultation call to assess your desires and needs. I then create a unique plan & schedule just for you, at a rate to give you the greatest Value and Results in the least amount of time. If that quote and plan meets your approval, then we have already started the biggest part of your work- your Decision and Commitment to LIVE your most Powerful, Purposeful, and Joy-filled life.

*I’m also available for Corporate Consulting Bookings & Speaking Engagements.

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You’ll notice that in this website I go against traditional marketing wisdom, and I put ALL the things I do here together in one space. This is ON Purpose. There is more to “that story” in my recently released Book, “Perceptions & Projections- The Needless Drama, How to Finally Live Drama & Blame Free“, which is available on My Core Message for years has been on Perceptions and Projections, and how those play such a huge role in creating both our blessings and our challenges. So a big part of my work in helping you shift your life, and have all you desire, is to show & prove that we don’t fit in the mental boxes that we put ourselves and others in. The “box” is created by the thinking, and that thinking typically is not true. The only limits we experience, are the ones that we place on ourselves. I’m here to help you remove those boxes and limits. Are you ready?

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