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My passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle started early. I kept moving, and worked out daily- to use all my excess energy, to feel happy, and honestly- early on it was just to look great in a bikini (insert laughter). Some may call that last part superficial, although at that time it was how I made a living, and bikinis were the staple wardrobe in Florida. But that lifestyle continued to pay off in far more meaningful ways as an adult. It gave me a strong body to tolerate some really difficult injuries, endurance and flexibility to handle 15-20 hour work days in several different fields, peace of mind through many serious life battles, and supported my modeling & acting career that still blesses me today. It became much more about my health and how I felt, than how I looked. And let’s be honest, when we look good we also tend to feel better… and when we feel good, we usually look better. It’s a win, WIN.

I taught choreographed dance classes, studied Bikram Yoga, was a personal Trainer for many years, and had my own work out videos called “Quick-Fix”- to show people that they CAN work out even when they say “they have no time”. I’ve held certifications in Personal Training, Group Exercise, Nutritional Consultant, Group Stretch & Client Stretch, Training the Pre & Post Natal Client; and hold a Master Weight Loss Coach Certification through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (along with all my other Life and Business Coach Certifications through NLP- see Certifications/Related Experience page).

Making huge changes in any body is so much more than just eating right and exercise. It’s a Mind, Body, Spirit work like anything else. We all have google. We all know how to follow healthy nutrition or find a fitness regimen. But we humans don’t do what we Know, we do what we Feel. This is where I help. I find the emotional blocks, the past pain or traumas, the fears, and the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from having the body you deserve, and the good health and sweet sleep you desire. I remove what isn’t working, and replace it with everything you need to have the Life you’ve always dreamed about, the Joy and Energy you’ve longed for, and all faster than you can imagine. Are you ready for all that? If so, contact me today…  I’m ready to support you from here.

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